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Historic Farm Photos has over a million vintage color aerial photos in our archives. We have the largest inventory of color photos which were shot with the highest quality color photographic equipment available at the time. We house our own state of the art photo processing equipment, and our lab prints and codes up to 250 16×20 color images per hour on the highest quality photo paper available.

Our prints are guaranteed to last for 100 years. We offer a full lifetime warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The following are our most popular choices. Other sizes, larger and smaller, are available. Whichever option you choose, you will be protecting and preserving your cherished memories and heritage. Begin the journey. Please fill out a research request form and one of our researchers will contact you and answer any of your questions. Our researchers are waiting to hear from you. We will locate your old photos at no cost to you with no obligation to purchase anything.

Photo Options

IMG_547020×30 Dry-Mount – $499.00.  The dry-mount is a beautiful option that does not require the protective glass due to a protective matte seal that is heat-pressed onto the photo. It is a lightweight option that is durable and washable. Customers have told us that the dry-mount option looks more like a painting.




doublematteexample_edited-116×24 Double Matted Framed photo – $399.00.  Historic Farm Photos uses the highest quality solid ash, double matted frame with the highest quality glass. The double matting lifts the glass off of the photo, protecting it from bonding to the glass. Your photo will be mounted on a durable backing board before being inserted into the frame.





16×20 Print – $299.00.  This unframed option will come mounted to a durable backing board.






Other Options

greetingcardexWe also offer your photo on greeting cards and business cards with the purchase of an original photo. Contact us for more information and pricing. Click on the image to view our greeting card choices in a larger format.